Study Abroad

University and College programs.
At “Mi Tierra Verde,” our mission is to provide university and college students with transformative study abroad experiences that not only enrich their academic pursuits but also immerse them in the vibrant culture and natural beauty of the Dominican Republic. We believe that education should extend beyond the classroom, and our programs are designed to broaden students’ horizons and foster a deep appreciation for global perspectives.

Our programs take you to some of the most captivating destinations in the Dominican Republic

While enhancing your studies, you’ll have the opportunity to explore pristine beaches, majestic mountains, vibrant local culture, and savor the delicious Caribbean cuisine. We believe that cultural immersion is key to understanding the world better, and we ensure that every moment of your journey is a learning opportunity.

"Mi Tierra Verde" collaborates with respected universities and colleges

To offer academic credit opportunities for our programs. You can earn credits while experiencing the beauty and culture of the Dominican Republic.

We provide comprehensive support services to ensure your study abroad experience is seamless.

Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We implement stringent safety measures and guidelines to ensure you have a worry-free experience while enjoy the Caribbean.

Foster Personal Growth and Cultural Awareness

Participating in our study abroad programs not only enhances your academic qualifications but also fosters personal growth, cultural awareness, and an international perspective that can significantly benefit your future career prospects.

Ready to embark on a transformative study abroad adventure in the Dominican Republic? Contact “Mi Tierra Verde” today to learn more about our programs, destinations, and how we can make your educational journey unforgettable.

Fun & Studies Packages

Here we make a balance between career specific study practices, cultural and historical tours, and adventurous fun! It all depends what your group’s interests are.

Leisure Packages

In these packages, we ensure you and your group receive the perfect blend of sun, fun, rest, and relaxation you truly deserve.

Spring Break Packages

With these types of packages we strive to make a true difference, and give you an enriching and memorable experience, that will make you live a more conscientious and fulfilling life onwards.

Mission, Volunteer, and Community Services Packages

With these packages we will help you help the community, and enable you to feel the supreme satisfaction of accomplished civic and humanitarian duties.

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Team Building

Elevate your company's performance through engaging team-building events. We specialize in creating dynamic experiences that strengthen teamwork, communication, and morale

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Incentive Trips

Reward your top clients and incentive winners with a memorable trip to the Dominican Republic, with its world famous beaches, luxury resorts, crystal clear waters, and exciting lands.

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Corporate Events

Host your next conference in paradise! Choose from intimate venues or accommodate over 1,000 attendees in Santo Domingo or Punta Cana. We've got everything covered.

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