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About Us



We work awareness of the public about the social and environmental importance, focusing on the preservation of natural resources, providing quality service and responsibility.


Being ecological service company with greater positive impact in favor of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

  1. Ecologically sustainable tourism.

  2. We make a difference in our travel service level.

  3. Predicamos con el ejemplo.

  1. Promote sustainable ecotourism in the Dominican Republic.

  2. Motivate meet the ecological and cultural beauties of our country.

  3. Raise public awareness of both the fields and care for the city.

  4. Providing an unforgettable experience in a natural environment.

Who we are

Specialists carrying out activities tailored as integration of personnel, educational programs, tour groups, among others; promoting mostly natural resources and preserving the environment.


Mi Tierra Verde, S.R.L. born of a breeding values at home. An awareness transmitted to children which lasted until adulthood. The importance of instilling respect for nature became Passion followed Habits then form a style of personal and business life, where not only would stay in a guild but would be transmitted through an organized idea palpitate with Ecological Services provide fact, so that the importance of protecting and valuing our nature to be a commitment. Mi Tierra Verde since ideas, create and share impressive environmental activities in order to motivate Dominican society to love and appreciate the green nature.


When creating Mi Tierra Verde had the opportunity to start the same with the West Road entrusted to us at the time the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources . And it was only the beginning of large companies trust us and keep us close to them in order that through creative ideas in environmental activities remember the importance of valuing nature.

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