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Servicios ecológicos

Green tours: Educational Development Programs and Cultural

It is a program aimed at Universities and Colleges where the student receives a series of activities with educational values, of social and environmental responsibility, among others. Always focusing on the specific needs of the institutions.

Serving a dual mission:

* Social-environmental Responsibility
* integrating computer


Mi Tierra Verde decides point where truly began: in youth. These brothers born in nature values were motivated when they were still at school. That is why Mi Tierra Verde decides to work in the stage where the habits of a human being are generally formed: Adolescent.

Mi Tierra Verde reaches the universities and colleges in order to reach kids with the best excursions to the most beautiful natural resources and with the awareness that together with these results because it should be appreciated that truly embellishes the island. No longer is a "field trip" it is a "conscious journey" of activities with results of change and transformation that will last over time and to change future generations.

Mi Tierra Verde It has different, creative and motivating services when it comes to trips. Green Tours is a program specially prepared for University Tours and of colleges with Green talks where an expert in the subject shares the importance and value of protecting our nature and love throughout the tour.


With an extraordinary and responsible team with a schedule of activities that each student will live incredible experiences that not only stay in them, but pass their families when they transmitted and discussed about the beautiful experiences in the Green tours.

Mi Tierra Verde works with Universities and colleges exclusive and motivated to change who want to provide their students travel to securities which are narrowed with awareness and care for our planet.


Mi Tierra Verde wants to create a lifestyle in adolescents, that's why besides the Excursion ecotourism or more well known to us as Green tours It has also decided to expand its activities with the following services:

  • Travel fundraising for promotions
  • Pictures for the yearbook, in parks
  • Picnics
  • Lectures in classrooms.
  • Integration of staff in ecological areas
    (team buildings, conferencistas)

    We make your business, government, etc., live a unique experience in team spaces where a group of activities focused on the specific needs of our customers are developed.

  • Responsabilidad Social y Ambiental
    (reforestaciones / limpieza de costas)

    Organizing activities at national level and Coastal Cleanup Reforestation, so that these institutions can achieve their goals Social Responsibility and environmental.

  • Tours (ecoturismo)
    individual or group

    We take you from traditional or unique. We have a folder of Ecotourism Tours where you can observe which would visit destinations nationwide and take this variety of spaces, either with your family, friends or open groups where you can interact with other people.